Samuel Feldhandler
Georges tremble

artwork / Alma Feldhandler /// picture / Samuel Feldhandler

artistic direction & choreography: Samuel Feldhandler
performance: Elizabeth Ward, Mani Obeya & Yari Stilo
costumes & scenography: Alma Feldhandler
light-design: Emese Csornai
accompaniment of the artistic project: Lise Lendais
rehearsal support: Sophia Zürneck
Outside Eye: Alix Eynaudi & Anne Juren
production support: Annina Kriechbaum & mollusca productions

a co-production of Kompanie Samuel Feldhandler (AT), Tanzquartier Wien (AT), Weld (SE) & Milvus Artistic Research Center / MARC (SE)
with the kind support of Bears In The Park (AT), the City of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs (AT) the Austrian Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport (AT) & the Austrian Embassy in Stockholm (SE/AT)

premiere: 10 . 02 . 2023 @ Tanzquartier, Wien

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