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In a Common Dance

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In a Common Dance continues Samuel Feldhandler’s endeavour of emancipating dance from its historic relationship with music by analysing and making his own the latter’s mechanisms. While remaining a choreographic gesture at its core, In a Common Dance borrows its formal structure and developmental approach from the musical form of the symphony. Like many classical music symphonies, the piece is composed of three distinct parts: a moderate Allegro, followed by a slow Adagio and a lively Vivace.

Together with the students of the BA in Dance and Choreography at The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Feldhandler defines a specific performativity in relation to a common phrasing and to an unfolding of the performance in time together.

Choreography, Music & light: Samuel Feldhandler
Performance: Alvilda Faber Striim, Alen Nsambu, Casper Albrektsen, Carl Scharnberg, Ella Östlund, Iiris Miettinen, Inaja Skands, Martina Piazzi, Ottavia Catenacci & Teresa Fogh Schou
Also present during the process: Roosa Törmä, Bianca Shakti Berger, Enzo Haquin & Malika Sia Paul
Light technique: Leif Petersen
Sound: Todd Safaraz
Costumes: Ghita Ohmann
Project management: Malin Astner
Special thanks: Jean-Christophe Feldhandler, Yari Stilo, Sophie Marest, Sylvie Altenburger & Walter Ifrim

Premiere: 02 . 10 . 2020 @ The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Copenhagen

Password: symphony

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